Ron Paul Chooses BlackBerry over iPhone in Pivotal Debate Moment

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Last night's New Hampshire GOP debate was a fierce one. Healthcare, war, jobs, pizza—it was all on the line, and not one candidate pulled any punches when it came to the tough questions. Like choice in smartphones. Ugh.

CNN's Hey let's make this less boring to watch decision to ask candidate goofy softball "personal question" pierced to the very core of presidential candidate Ron Paul's policy soul: he's a RIM man, Apple be damned. Unlike his foe Michelle Bachmann, who grinned over the confession that she had both Elvis and Johnny Cash on her iPod, Paul was stoic as an iceberg when confronted with The Smartphone Question. No hesitation. BlackBerry. BlackBerry, god damnit.


But what kind of libertarian could ever support such a rule-heavy system? BBM is the fascist's megaphone—a stiflingly closed, hands-on way of communicating. Don't you love THE CONSTITUTION, Mr. Paul?