Rosie O'Donnell Says A Former FBI Agent Changed Her Mind About James Comey

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If you thought that President Trump and Rosie O’Donnell finally agreed on something—as the president’s tweets would have you believe—you’d be dead wrong.

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Despite what she may have stated before, Rosie doesn’t think that James Comey should’ve been fired from the FBI this week.

In Twitter direct messages on Thursday, she told Gizmodo that when she tweeted “FIRE COMEY” in mid-December, she was “furious” with his handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation. “[I] wanted him fired,” she said.

But that’s changed.

A conversation with a former FBI employee, whom Rosie says “spoke glowingly” of Comey, turned her around. “So I think he is a good man — who scares the hell out of donnie — who is gonna be out of a job by summer’s end.”

“He should not have been [fired],” she says, “but Trump was bloody in the water — sharks were circling.”

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed reporter Brandon Wall noted an interesting coincidence—or not. Rosie’s old tweet slamming Comey was apparently dug up and posted to the r/The_Donald subreddit “about 20 minutes before the president tweeted it.”




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Oh thank goodness. This is big.

I was getting very concerned about Rosie O’Donnell’s feelings on this important matter.

Now I need to know more about where Wendy Williams stands on the matter.