Rotten Tomatoes Had to Protect Dark Knight Rises Critics from Bloodthirsty Fans

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People really like Christopher Nolan movies. They like them so much that everyone knows they like them before they even see the movies. So much, in fact, that they'll cuss out and threaten any critics who disagree so badly that Rotten Tomatoes has to disable commenting for the movie—a first for the site.


Matt Atchity, Rotten Tomatoes' editor-in-chief, told the AP:

"The job of policing the comments became more than my staff could handle for that film, so we stopped the comments altogether," said Atchity. "It just got to be too much hate based on reactions to reviews of movies that people hadn't even seen."


Comments reportedly ranged from simple profanity to threats against reviewers. RT is apparently considering a move to a Facebook-login comment system—as though Facebook has ever had a civilizing effect on anything ever.

It's all very absurd, but also not starkly different from what you'll see in other corners of the internet. People screaming at each other on message boards about an unreleased album no one's heard yet; nerds shouting down comic books months before they're released based on preview blurbs; everyone getting riled up over lukewarm comments about a phone no one's actually seen in real life. Judging, and judging definitively and defiantly and violently, is internet culture at its craziest. [AP]

Update: At least one of the reviewers in question was an outright dunce. Here's what The Guardian writes about Eric D Snider, and the jackassery that got him banned from Rotten Tomatoes:

Snider had initially posted: "The Dark Knight Rises is easily the most disappointing Batman film so far – and I'm including [Joel] Schumacher's Batman and Robin in that statement. Nolan has finally lost his touch."

When readers clicked the link to view the full review, they were informed: "Just kidding! I haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet. It's probably very good! I just wanted to post a negative quote on Rotten Tomatoes and see how many idiots would type angry words at me without actually clicking the link to read the review. 'You ruined this movie's RT score!' is a dumb complaint that is only made by dumb people."


Which, yeah, pretty dumb. But it's not the only negative review, nor is it the only one to draw criticism. But the lesson here, as always, is that everyone is an idiot.

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I'm a firm believer in Christopher Nolan. People can call him overrated or whatever else, but I really believe he's one of the very few that actually makes a solid effort to be really thoughtful about a film's story and characters. It's especially refreshing, since the vast majority of things being released these days are middling crapola. Even The Amazing Spider-Man was a travesty, and somehow I was disappointed, despite having low expectations.

But it's kind of funny to see the responses to criticism on Rottentomatoes. You'd think the critics ran over their puppies, and their reviews are nothing like the trolltastic schlock like you'd see from NY Post's Armond White.