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Rumor: A Premium App Store for Even Pricier iPhone Apps?

We may earn a commission from links on this page., who we've never worked with before, says Apple may be working on a section of the App Store for more expensive (read: $20 and up) apps.

Regardless of the rumor's truth, they need some sort of method to separate the wheat from the chaff. It's a mess in that store, full of shit apps. We can't sort through them at 15k apps, how are we supposed to sort through them at 50k apps in two years? Impossible.


The idea behind this rumor is that free or very cheap apps have been more successful than their pricier counterparts in the App Store, and that a "premium" section could result in meatier profits for developers. Further, this is supposed to tie in with all that ballyhoo about the iPhone being the next great gaming system, as these new rich man's apps are rumored to be mostly games.

We're sure there'll be a wider variety in app price in the years to come, but at the moment, we can't think of a reason for a separate section based on price. Plus, no developer would confirm such a thing, so until we hear anything hard, this rumor will stay a rumor. [pocketgamer via Wired]