Rumor: Apple to Put the Mac Pro Out of Its Misery

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Rumors are circulating that Apple is pondering killing off the Mac Pro. Sales of the powerhouse are flagging, and a hardware delay has put its future in jeopardy. Has the Mac Pro's time finally come?


Mac Pros are mighty machines beloved by many, but a recent delay in the delivery of the Pro's powerful new Xeon Sandy Bridge processors is reportedly causing some higher-ups at Apple to reconsider the Pro's future. Sales of the Mac Pro have suffered because no matter how great the machines are, the alternatives are so good that it's getting harder and harder for even serious professionals to justify the Mac Pro's expense. What's more, as Cult of Mac points out, Apple dealt the beasts another blow by introducing the new Thunderbolt I/O standard, which replicates the advantages of having expandable PCI slots. It's been a great run old friend, but maybe it's time to say goodbye. [Cult of Mac via AppleInsider]

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Ben Zvan

I love my Mac Pro. It's powerful enough that I bought it several years ago and I'm still happy with its performance. It supports 32GB of ram and I've only put in 10GB so there's still some room to grow. I don't understand the complaint that Macs are overpriced when they stay technologically relevant for at least twice as long as PCs.