Rumor: Dell Prepping a Mobile Phone?

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First it was a handheld gaming console. Now, rumor has it that Dell is working on a mobile cell phone, an "iPhone" of their own so to speak. The folks at Mobile Mentalism think that's the case ever since Dell poached Motorola's head of handsets, Ron Garriques. Garriques will be heading a newly formed unit at Dell. What that unit will do, is still in question. Personally, I think it's wishful thinking and until I see some "leaked" (i.e. blurry) shots of a Dell mobile, I'm gonna have to say it's all a coincidence.


Is Dell Working on a New Mobile Phone? [Mobile Mentalism]



Dell has no plans at this time to introduce a Dell mobile phone.

What's more important to note is that Dell has formally announced the formation of a GLOBAL consumer organization, and Ron Garriquez has joined the Dell team to head that organization. Yes, Garriquez came from Motorola, and yes, he was president of the Mobile Devices Division. But his responsibilities with Dell will have a much broader scope — including setting new standards for innovative product design, and providing the best customer experience and flexibility in how we build and distribute products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The global consumer organization will include the portfolio of all consumer products from desktops and notebooks to software and peripherals, as well as product design and sales.