9to5Mac's shadowy anonymous (and uncorroborated) sources say they've got pricing on the new iPhone models, if you can stomach one last rumor. But we're doubtful on this one.

The rumor millers claim a (carrier subsidized) 64 GB iPhone 4S (not iPhone 5) will land at $300, the 32 GB at $200, and the 16 GB for $100, the cheapo iPhone 4 we recently revealed will replace the 3GS' spot at $50. This sounds a little off to us. The iPhone 4 starts at $200, so to knock $100 off the entrance fee would be very un-Apple—especially when it's selling a bajillion of the things already. Why would they sweeten the deal?


9to5Mac also says the new handsets will launch on the 14th—a mention we'd heard before. No need to hold your breath on this one, as we'll all be exhaling together live, later today. [9to5Mac]

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