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Prediction of the day: Apple is going to announce Blu-ray support for a few of their machines come MacWorld. We have two bits of information we're basing this one on. One, the above image out of, which was sent to us by reader Sky. It's a scan that shows the feature comparison between Blu-ray and HD DVD. The interesting part is of the manufacturer support, which notes Apple among the companies to support Blu-ray. Typo? Early leak?

The second bit of evidence comes from an inside tip in one of Apple's departments. Apparently, Blu-ray people were there for an entire week holding talks on incorporating Blu-ray into Apple's products. Of course, the HD DVD camp could have also had a week there as well, but our tipster said he/she did not see them there personally.


Our prediction is that Apple's going to surprise-announce Blu-ray support come January, possibly in the Mac Pro and iMac lines.

Thanks Sky!

Update: Oops, right, as the commenters pointed out, Apple's had "support" for the Blu-ray format since they joined up (thanks Neil). However the "manufacturer" support is something that seems new to us, as other commenters point out that there is no current hardware support. The fact that they're under the manufacturer's column now is why we're thinking they will include Blu-ray in their machines come January.