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Rumor: Microsoft to "Upstage" Apple WWDC With Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Announcement

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Microsoft to Upstage Apple WWDC With Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Announcement

Microsoft's on-again, off-again relationship with an Xbox 360 Blu-Ray drive looks set to be on again this Monday. As you all know by now, Monday marks the beginning of Apple's annual WWDC, and a little bird told us something is going to be announced by Steve Jobs there during his keynote. Microsoft doesn't care; a tipster told CrunchGear it's going to "upstage" Jobs, Apple and the entire known tech-using world by announcing an Xbox 360 with Blu-Ray drive one hour before the beginning of the conference.


Wrote the tipster:

I‘ve got a close friend who works at Microsoft, previously with the HD-DVD division and now in the E&D division (Xbox, zune). I'm told MS will upstage Apple with a Monday 9am PDT announcement (1 hour before WWDC) via press release that the Xbox 360 will get Blu-Ray before Christmas. Price was "under the current Elite", but i could get any more details.


Why am I picturing a sand castle right before high tide right now? [CrunchGear]

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Doesn't that just give even further credit to Sony for getting the PS3 right from the beginning? Wouldn't this undercut the movie downloads you already have in place? Why wouldn't everyone then complain that the games do not take advantage of it?

Sorry, Bill, but if your team actually does this, they are idiots.