Rumor: Motion-Sensing PS3 Controller to Debut at E3

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Variety is claiming that Sony will unveil a Wiimote-type motion-sensing controller at E3, piling another rumor on top of expectations for a UMD-less PSP. No matter what, Sony's in for an int-er-est-ing June.

Variety's sources claim to have used the device, which more-or-less conforms to the system outlined in this two-year-old patent. This is actually kind of disappointing, because that particular patent describes a camera-based tracking system, in which a few LEDs mounted on the controller are monitored by a small camera, EyeToy-style. But if we're going to trust the source's claim that this controller exists, we should also note that he says that it performs more precisely than the Wiimote, especially during Z-axis (forward and backward) movement.


Sony apparently refused to comment on the story, which comes just a month after separate reports that a new PS3 motion controller was "done", so you may as well brace yourself for the pending onslaught of novelty rhythm 'n' sports games. You know, just in case. [Variety via Kotaku]

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If anyone actually used a PS3 to play games, this announcement might be interesting.