Rumor: Motorola's Olympus is a Dual-Core Android Phone

LG's got a dual-core phone in the works, judging by the leaked photos from the other day, but according to AndroidAndMe's sources, Motorola's Olympus is set to run on a Tegra 2 platform too. There aren't any leaked photos of the device just yet, but it looks like it's headed AT&T's way. As ever, if you have any details on this mysterious phone, you know how to get in touch. [AndroidAndMe]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

But will it run Angry Birds?

All joking aside though, I hope this dual core processor doesn't mean that battery life will be even less than it is in current phones. Advances in mobile phone technology have advanced much more rapidly than new battery technology. Battery life seems to be the only spec on phones that's decreasing over time.