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An unnamed Samsung insider says that the company may abandon Intel's Celeron M 353 processor for an AMD chip for its Q1 UMPC. The company is looking for ways to lower the cost of the overpriced and slow-selling Q1, hoping to roll out the next-generation model this Fall at around $780 instead of the $1337 retail price of the current Q1. But that lower price only applies to Korea thus far, because part of the deal is that Korea Telecom (KT) would subsidize the price of the Q1 by bundling a subscription to its wireless broadband technology, known as WiBro.

It looks like Samsung is on the right track here, because the original idea for this UMPC platform was that the mini-tablet PCs would cost $500. Anything in the range of the lowest-cost notebook PC is out of bounds, and that would include the $780 bandied about here. In addition to that, Samsung has to figure out a way to make the input method less clumsy. We're thinking a slide-out keyboard would be the solution.


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