Rumor: Nikon Planning 1080p-Capable D400?

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Whether it's wishful thinking, educated guessing or true leakage is unclear, but the photo nerds are now abuzz about a Nikon D400 follow-up to the D300 we love so much, which would have D90-like video capability that could potentially rival Canon's 1080p-shootin' EOS 5D Mark II. If that was all gibberish to you, don't think on it a moment further. But if what you just read gave you a feeling down in the nether regions that you'd prefer not to discuss, go check out Photography Bay for the full rumor rundown. [Photography Bay]



Nikon has been a step or two behind for the past few cycles. Missing the mark with proper video mark them clearly as a follower instead of a leader. Particularly for a company that doesn't have a video business to protect like Canon. In today's market conservative thinking doesn't pay. Us old timer who are holding on to our Nikon lens are dwindling quickly.