Rumor: PS3 Price Cut in the Pipeline?

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The PS3 is clearly much too expensive, so the faster Sony can drop its price the better. I'm sure there are countless people out there who were planning on picking a PS3 up before they saw that kick-in-the-pants price tag, so bringing it down to a more reasonable level is probably the only thing Sony can do to boost unimpressive sales.


Well, Sony might be prone to making blunders, but they aren't idiots. There's (vague) word on the street that Sony is considering just that.

Here's an email that Akihabara News claims to have gotten from Sony:

Sony considers slashing price of PS3 console

The assertion that Sony may reduce the price of PS3 is based on comments made by Ryoji Chubachi during an interview. He explained that the budgeting process for PS3 pricing and volumes would be re-examined as market forces and the competitive environment change.


Is it legit? Maybe, but it would be hard to believe that Sony isn't looking into cutting costs so they can lower the price. I mean, come on, $600? So many months later and that still kills me.

Sony may reduce the price of the PS3 [Akihabara News]

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The problem with the PS3 for me has been the lackluster showing of games. All of the buildup and hype on Sony's behalf set my expectation level so high that when PS3 finally came out, and I saw it in a store I said - oh, a car game. Oh, and Project Gotham looks better than this.

Does anyone remember the renderfarm "in game shots" that Sony displayed at E3 earlier in the year? I haven't seen anything that even looks close to that yet. And this is from a gamer who secretly was hoping Sony would dominate the console wars and the PS3 would live up the the hype and ecclectic commercials.

I bought a 360 mainly because I liked what Microsoft had done for online gaming with the original Xbox and Xbox live. It was out, and it was out early, and damn you could see the pixel shader effects in Call of Duty 2. It looked better than everything else out there, and MS really benefited from the earliest release. Now they have downloadable content, movies, streaming from my pc, ability to play MP3s from my pc ingame without transferring......As much as MS is known for their bumbly coding, they have made the 360 really tight with integrating with your home PC (if it's not a Mac...maybe someday), Xbox Live, and your portable music players. I've already hooked up my PSP to play music in Project Gotham that I had just transferred to the PSP.

The points -> money conversion on Xbox live is stupid. I know they probably do it for internationalization but just show me how much I am spending.

Quality of hardware on the 360 was also initially weak, but I can't really compare that to a PS3 as I don't have one.

Lack of HD disc support out of the box could be considered a con, but - and you guys can roast me on this one if you like - I never liked DVDs on a console, and don't expect to like HDs either. Wouuld it be nice to have? Yes. Will I probably end up buying a standalone player that renderes HD-DVD/Bluray a million times better than 360/PS3? Yes.

I ended up buying a Wii after a friend coaxed me into it. Originally I wasn't going to get one because I was fairly pleased with my 360 and there aren't many stores you can actually demo a Wii so I hadn't played it. So many people were lined up to get it, and I was just out getting breakfast at the time and it was cheap enough to be an impulse buy (although I had to reserve some shitty game I never picked up from gamestop. FU gamestop!). Games on the Wii are more fun than the 360 in certain situations (don't roast me yet.). The 360 is great when you have your beer swilling, pot smoking, game for thirty hours straight friends over. When you have your mom, or girlfriend, or sister over and their friends the Wii wins hands down. Are the games better? Not in a gamer sense, but as a social game, they are awesome. They are better than playing monopoly or some stupid board game with your in-laws. Pop in Wii sports, Wii Play, Super Monkeyball, Rayman, etc, and get ready for four player mayhem (Wii play is only two players). You haven't played Wii until you've played four player Wii. Drawback - Buying three extra controllers and nunchucks sets you back almost as much as the damn console.

Another plus for Wii - You can browse the web on it, but browsing the web in 480 on a high def hurts the eyes. But it is Opera.

Another plus for the Wii - Awesome video games from your childhood. Genesis, Nintendo, Super NES, Turbografix 16, available for download. They need to get off the whole points system too. Give me the price in $$ so I don't have to do math. If I wanted to do math, I'd be playing games on a TI-85.

Wii doesn't even play DVDs though (I hear you can hack it, but I'm getting to old for that crap). It does play Gamecube games, but how many times can you really play Zelda. Eventually it is supposed to integrate with the DS which will be hot.

The controllers are also very responsive. I'd say you have more control than with the sixaxis on the PS3. With four players depending on how far you are spaced out, sometimes the guys on the end get a little less sensitivity (we're fat).

Graphics are garbage, but like I said, save the other consoles for the hardcore beer guzzling gamers. Play this one when you want to have fun and not get so involved for 30 hours.

And onlime multiplayer for the Wii is pretty much non-existent.

Did I mention the Wii is only $250?

So yeah, there are several good selling points relative to me on everything but the PS3. I will buy the PS3, especially to play Metal Gear Solid. And you have the Final Fantasy series which will be another must have. But I won't buy it quite yet. A high def dvd player just isn't enough of a value for me right now. And second life/the sims wasn't a big enough draw for me to get into the PS3's upcoming online community. Being able to play PSOne games on the PSP and PS3 - awesome.

I'm done ranting I have to pee.