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The PS3 is clearly much too expensive, so the faster Sony can drop its price the better. I'm sure there are countless people out there who were planning on picking a PS3 up before they saw that kick-in-the-pants price tag, so bringing it down to a more reasonable level is probably the only thing Sony can do to boost unimpressive sales.

Well, Sony might be prone to making blunders, but they aren't idiots. There's (vague) word on the street that Sony is considering just that.


Here's an email that Akihabara News claims to have gotten from Sony:

Sony considers slashing price of PS3 console

The assertion that Sony may reduce the price of PS3 is based on comments made by Ryoji Chubachi during an interview. He explained that the budgeting process for PS3 pricing and volumes would be re-examined as market forces and the competitive environment change.

Is it legit? Maybe, but it would be hard to believe that Sony isn't looking into cutting costs so they can lower the price. I mean, come on, $600? So many months later and that still kills me.

Sony may reduce the price of the PS3 [Akihabara News]


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