Rumor Roundup: Apple Brick

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What is the Apple Brick? It's a rumor that started over at 9 to 5 Mac. A trusted source told the site that the (also rumored) October 14th Apple Event would be "all about the Brick." The fun sort of spiraled from there, with plenty of guesses of just what the Brick could be...TGDaily (Netbook) "There is some chatter that this "Brick" is actually a Mac tablet, but we here at TG Daily believe that if that is in fact the case, Macworld in January may be a more appropriate event to unveil a tablet. Another rumor has it that Apple may introduce a brand-new sub-notebook to compete with Asustek's EeePC." iPhone Savior (Mac Mini Pro) "Sources have indicated Apple's "one more thing," code named 'Brick' rumored to be announced around October 14th along with a MacBook refresh, will actually be a re-design of the Mac Mini super-sized to reveal a Mac Mini Pro of sorts." ComputerWorld (Wireless USB Hub) "Perhaps the "brick" would have a Wireless USB hub...We know that most features of a traditional dock can be used with USB. Audio in/out, keyboards, mice, DVD drives, external hard drives, networking... even new displays can be plugged in via USB. " Macenstein (Windows Smasher) " is now our belief that The Brick has nothing to do with the device actually looking physically like a brick at all. Rather, we feel it is likely that it is simply a name for an upcoming product (or group of products) that Apple thinks will be sexy enough to pull a huge marketshare away from Microsoft. After all, how do you break "Windows"? You throw a brick through them!" All we know for sure is that all of these guesses cannot be right...assuming the "Brick" is a real product in the first place.


If the Oct 14th event is true I would guess it would only be for refreshes. Has Apple ever showed off a brand new product at a random event?

But hey, refreshes are cool with me. Cheap MacBooks!?!