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Rumor: Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Rolling Out Next Month

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For over a year now, there have been rumors floating around about major ISPs' plans to institute a "six-strikes" plan to curb piracy. According to some leaked AT&T training documents drudged up by TorrentFreak, it's finally rolling out for real on November 28th.

The six-strikes plan, a set of private agreements between major ISPs and major rightsholders, has been rumored to include such measures as throttling the bandwidth of repeat offenders, but specifics have been scarce because everyone has been pretty tight-lipped. The leaked AT&T documents have shed some light on the system. For example, AT&T has agreed to restrict access of repeat offenders, blocking "frequently visited websites" until the user completes a "online education tutorial on copyright." There's also the mention of a November 28th roll-out date.


The agreements between the ISPs (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cablevision, and Time Warner Cable) have some flexibility to them, so AT&Ts approach might not be identical to that of other ISPs. It's probably safe to assume that the big five will roll out the new system simultaneously, however. There's also room in the agreements for ISPs to turn over your information to rightsholders for prosecution, but no promise of it. Either way, it's pretty easy to see how this would head in that direction. Mark your calenders. [TorrentFreak]

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