Rumor: Sony UK Support Page Reveals 'Alpha 330' DSLR Line, Lenses

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The Canon Rebel T1i and Nikon D5000 aren't the only DSLRs having fun this week, if a new rumor pans out. Apparently, Sony's preparing something new for the Alpha series—but what?!

A DSLR, that's what. The mysterious entry-level DSLR was revealed accidentally in the lower levels of the company's support pages, of all places, as were a complementary line of new lenses (they bear the previously unused codes Y and L in the drop-down menus).


Photoclub alpha speculates more on the nature of the new lenses for the A330 body:

Since two new lenses - presumed to incorporate focus motors because of their design - are also shown on the support website, 50mm f/1.8 and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6, it can be assumed the camera will be sold with these lenses as no existing models have the codes Y or L when used in kits. There is a possibility that these budget lenses are not SSM, but use a cheaper internal micromotor. It may also be fair to assume to the body could lack mechanical focus drive support.

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Further rumor and speculation on the part of several camera rumor sites and the dyxum forums indicates this new body might be a play at the very cameras referenced earlier in this post: the D5000 and the T1i. Something with a similar price range, and the ability to shoot video. And they seem to think the unknown A330 might be out soon, along with other models, including an A230, A380, A800 and A1000. Unfortunately, clicking through the the product oage at Sony UK support reveals the error message at right, so we'll see. [Photoclub Alpha via Imaging Insider via Photo Rumors]


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JawzX2, Boost Addict. 1.6t, 2.7tt, 4.2t

unless they are updating my a900 with ISO 1,000,000,000 support, telepathic auto-focus and a Zeiss 12-500mm f:2.8 SSM zoom lens, it's just rumor mongering for the masses ;)