Rumor: T-Mobile's HSPA+ Phones (HTC Vision and Desire HD) Will Appear Next Month

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So many different names are being bandied about for T-Mobile's "Project Emerald," that it makes sense they're readying two models. After all, we've heard about the HTC Desire HD and Vision, as well as the Glacier, Vanguard and G1 Blaze.


According to T-Mobile's teaser site, the mobile network is working on their first-ever HSPA+ handset, but it's very much a singular release by the sounds of it.

Of course, this doesn't debunk the rumor that they're about to stock two HSPA+ phones. Perhaps that page is merely for the flagship device? Phandroid spoke to some sources who claimed that the HTC Desire HD will be renamed as the MyTouch HD when it launches on T-Mobile, and the HTC Vision will be known as the G1 Blaze.

That suggests the Vision/G1 Blaze will be the model with the slide-out QWERTY keypad, which was spotted in early July. There was some skepticism over the authenticity of the photo, but we did hear it's sporting a 3.7" touchscreen, 1GHz processor and a redesigned keypad with just four rows of keys. Phandroid has claimed it'll have a forward-facing camera, too.

The other phone, the Desire HD/MyTouch HD, appeared in a short video the other day. Resembling more of an EVO 4G than a Desire, it's looking likely to have a 4.3" screen and dual-LED flash.

Phandroid's putting a lot of trust in their source (who they claim "has been dead-on in the past"), and is reckoning on one of the phones launching September 22nd, and the other on the 29th. This places the G1 Blaze almost two years after the original Android phone, the G1—just in time for customers who signed a 2-year contract, by the sounds of it. [Phandroid]



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The Desire HD/MyTouch HD is a sexy piece of gadgetry. The Vision/G1 Blaze, on the other hand, is it's fat, ugly friend that you have to be nice to and pretend is interesting if you wanna have any chance of scoring with the sexy one.