Illustration for article titled Leaked HTC Desire HD Video Shows Larger Screen and Dual-Flash

An unusually well-shot and clear video has appeared online, showing off the as yet-unannounced HTD Desire HD. Looking more like an EVO 4G than the original Desire, it has a 4.3" display and half-matte, half-glossy back.


Do clamp your eyes on the HD YouTube video fondle of the Desire HD below, and tell us what you think. While it doesn't give away too many details, at least we can gather it's got a bottom-located 3.5mm jack, and dual LED flash next to the stylized lens. HTC's famous rubberized back has returned, only in patches—around the flash and antenna, down the bottom (presumably for the battery-eject, as we saw in the Legend and HD Mini), and on the right-side (I'm guessing for the microSD card slot). [247Android via Engadget]

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