According to @evleaks, what you're looking at here is a forthcoming iPhone gaming controller from mobile peripheral purveyor Moga. Like the simpler Logitech leak we saw before, the new controller mimics one of the reference designs released by Apple in the documentation for iOS 7.


The leaked hardware has a more angular, easier-to-grip design than what we saw before; it looks a bit like someone stuffed an iPhone inside an Xbox controller. According to another image, the controller collapses to a more compact package when you take the iPhone out of it. Thumbsticks could really change the way you play some games. And if @evleaks is right about the 1800 mAh battery built into this thing , it'll change the way you play by making sure you never have to stop. [@evleaks]


Even more images reveal that the rumored Moga controller above will be called "Ace Power Controller" The also give us a sense for the thickness of the gadget, which will have some thickness to it—In a good way.


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