Rutger Hauer Punches Out, Then Shoots, An Alien's Heart. Time To Die.

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You really don't want to get on Rutger Hauer's bad side. In the climax to Split Second, he punches an alien in the chest, rips out its heart, and then shoots the heart for good measure. Because he's Rutger Hauer.

Split Second is sort of an uneasy mash-up of Blade Runner and Alien, but it gains a lot from having Rutger in the starring role. It's the dystopian year of 2008, and water levels have risen so much that huge parts of London are underwater. This nasty creature (which I'm not sure is really alien) killed Hauer's partner years ago, and ever since, he's been a bad cop, living on the edge, taking chances and sticking it to the man. His superiors yell things like "You're off the case, Hauer!" And he just keeps plugging along. Etc. The creature also rips out women's hearts, usually in the bathroom for some reason, and you can hear the bottled up screams of all its female victims come pouring out when Hauer tears its heart out.