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Ryan Phillippe For Captain America? Bale For Superman? The World's Gone Crazy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today in completely crazed superhero news, Ryan Phillippe is rumored to be the top contender for Marvel's Captain spot. Meanwhile, it turns out Christian Bale almost won the part of Superman in Wolfgang Petersen's abortive Batman Vs. Superman picture.

Hitfix is reporting via inside sources that Ryan Phillippe is now vying for the part of Captain America. We believe this could actually happen, since Phillippe can act [Stop Loss was pretty impressive] but still hasn't had his big break-out role. Plus, he's skinny enough to play pre-super soldier serum Cap and can bulk up enough to take on Red Skull later. And finally, he's well-known enough to draw the eye, but still relatively unknown, to a point where a studio can build a brand new mystique around him. That all being said, we're still leaning towards Mike Vogel, if he's in the running.


In other insane superhero news, MTV spoke with director Wolfgang Petersen about his cancelled feature film Batman vs. Superman, and who he wanted to play Superman — and it turns out current Bat-actor Bale was a top pick at the time.

"It was pretty close," said Petersen. "And then the studio got a single Superman script I think from J.J. Abrams at that time, and [Warner Bros. chief] Alan Horn was so torn – because it's such a fascinating concept to do a Batman versus Superman film. And I still think it would be to do that. But the studio decided to try separate version of Superman and Batman, and then maybe think about down the road if you want to bring them together in one film."


Thank goodness for small miracles. Gravelly-voiced Bale would have been a terrible Supes. Still, we all still want to see a Superman and Batman fight-to-the-finish feature. Perhaps Christopher Nolan will oblige.