Ryan Reynolds Is in Talks With Netflix for an Adaptation of Classic Video Game Dragon's Lair

From Dragon’s Lair the video game.
From Dragon’s Lair the video game.
Image: Cinematronics

You probably won’t get to choose your own path in this one, though.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has reached a deal to attain the rights to adapt Dragon’s Lair, the smash hit 1983 video game that combined the technological power of LaserDisc with the art stylings of Don Bluth, one of which remains impressive now (it’s not the LaserDisc). Netflix’s planned adaptation is a live-action feature-length take on the property, and the company is in talks with Ryan Reynolds to star in and produce it.


So long as those talks keep going well, the plan is for Reynolds to produce via his company, Maximum Effort, with Roy Lee, Trever Engelson, Gary Goldmen, Jon Pomeroy, and, perhaps most exciting for fans of the game, Don Bluth on board to produce as well. The script will be written by Dan and Kevin Hageman, whose work history includes The Lego Movie, Croods 2, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

While it’s a pity this Dragon’s Lair adaptation won’t be done in a lushly animated style, there’s a lot that could be great here. The story, about the dashing hero Dirk the Daring on a quest to save Princess Daphne, is the sort of self-consciously generic fantasy that could allow a lot of room for Reynolds to do his meta-humor Reynolds thing. And it’s just such a delightful property, too, a rich relic of video gaming past that could absolutely benefit from the renewed attention.

If this adaptation succeeds, it’ll do what many others couldn’t before it. Don Bluth and other parties attached to the original game have been trying to make a movie version since the mid-1980s. Bluth even once ran a Kickstarter for it.

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