Sabu Won't Go to Prison Yet Because He's Still Snitching

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Sabu, probably the most notorious public face of hacking from this young, stupid century, still isn't headed to prison. He hasn't even been sentenced yet—because he's still helping the FBI bust his friends.

Hector "Sabu" Monsegur, the project-dwelling mastermind of LulzSec, was supposed to receive his fate last week—but according to court documents, won't face sentencing until August "in light of the defendant's ongoing cooperation with the Government." This is the second time his sentencing has been delayed. Maybe it won't be the last. But we can assume that the feds aren't giving him up because he's still helping them take down his old pals. [Reuters' Matthew Keys]


Hector Monsegur ("Sabu") sentencing delayed for second time. by Matthew Keys