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So Samsung, maker of the multifaceted Galaxy S line of smartphones, makes baby monitors now.


Maybe they made them before, I'm not sure and Samsung is an uber huge electronics company, but this is a hyper connected &199 to $299 one for "tech savvy parents" reports Engadget, so, uh, that's something new and exciting for you infant-equipped parents out there, right?

Being rather barren and unenthused in the baby department myself I'm not really sure how excited we should be about this new line. Built-in SD card for saving and sharing your tiny tot as they sleep and/or soil themselves in the night? Potentially one-and-done reputation-destroying viewing material at Christmas time when the little guy or guy is all grown up in the future.


Then there's the night vision, two-way talk, vibration alert modes and four camera network support which...wait, are we sure this thing is really a baby monitor? More like "marriage re-igniter!" [Engadget]

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