Samsung Bans SCH-B570 From Internal Use

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Even though Samsung made the 8GB phone, they're not allowing them inside their premises. Reason: data theft.

"Even though we made it, SCH -B570 with 8GB HDD is not allowed within the company," said Ki-Tae Lee, Samsung Electronics' Telecommunications Network CEO. During the Wireless Broadband Forum in Seoul, President Lee explained the strict prohibition by saying, "8GB storage capacity is more than enough to steal all confidential data about our company."

Many companies are disallowing MP3 players, cellphones and other personal devices in their buildings for the same reason. It's terribly easy to plug in a device and siphon off all the IP (intellectual property) owned by the company.


We're a little more relaxed here at Giz HQ, though. Even a 60GB iPod wouldn't be enough to suck out all the moldy old pictures of us in a hot tub.

Samsung Bans its 8GB Phone in the Company, says CEO [Telecoms Korea] Thanks, Randy!