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Samsung's just released a statement that the softness in video playback that some reviewers noted was due to an incorrect setting in the noise reduction chip. This setting, unfortunately for early-adopters, isn't user accessible. That means their only choice is to wait until September—says Samsung—to download a firmware update that they can burn to a CD to update their players. The softness turns the HD sharpness that is supposed to put Blu-ray way above regular DVDs into almost DVD-level quality. You're paying $1,000 for that?

Also reported on Ultimate AV, the BD-P1000 "does not decode Dolby Digital in surround mode for the 5.1-channel analog outputs, and does not decode DTS for those outputs at all." This, in addition to the other problems they found in their initial review such as trouble getting component out to work (on their setup) and trouble getting HDMI to work on our setup.


Additional Hot Details [Ultimate AV Mag - Thanks Jon!]