Samsung Intros Cell-Phone Chip With 4GB of On-Board Memory

It's a sad day for the cell-phone carriers, and anyone else who profiteers by selling overpriced and easy-to-lose MicroSD cards for your phone, because Samsung just announced moviMCP.

No relation to the evil Master Control Program, it is rather an entertainment chipset for mobile phones. It includes 128MB of RAM and 256MB of flash memory for the main phone operations, plus 4GB of bonus flash memory for multimedia files, such as porn home movies and legally obtained musical tracks. The memory resembles the MMC format used by SD cards, so developers don't have to worry about writing in extra support. And, you ask, what does this mean for the iPhone? Potentially, an even trimmer figure in years to come.


Samsung Develops High-Density Memory that Greatly Simplifies Handset Design [Samsung via Electronista]

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