Samsung Intros Digimax S700 and S1000 Cameras

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Samsung announced its 7-megapixel Digimax S700 (pictured here) and 10-megapixel Digimax S1000 digital cameras, both with a 2.4-inch LCD and a 3x optical zoom that functions in both still and movie modes.

The two models are similar except for that megapixel count and the S1000's ability to record MPEG-4 video, with the S700 supporting motion JPEG (MJPEG) video recording. That MPEG-4 video recording capability allows the S1000 to fit an hour of 640x480 video at 30fps on a 256MB memory card.


It's nice to see Samsung beefing up the video section of its cameras; let's hope the other camera makers follow suit. Both of these cameras will be available in August, with the Digimax S700 retailing for $250, and the Digimax S1000 at $350.

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