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Samsung NC20, First Via Nano Netbook, On Sale for $550

Illustration for article titled Samsung NC20, First Via Nano Netbook, On Sale for $550

The Samsung NC20 is not only another 12.1-inch netbook that's just made its way to the States (more on the NC20 here), it's the first system with a Via Nano processor. (You know, for if you really hate Intel but found that AMD has abandoned you.) And now it's on sale at Newegg for $550. [NewEgg]


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JawzX2, Boost Addict. 1.6t, 2.7tt, 4.2t

can't we just call this a small notebook? I mean really. 12.1" is NOT "tiny" it's just SMALL. and whay would I pay $550 for a 12.1" laptop with a (faster than Atom but still) wussy CPU when I can get a 15" with a 2GHz Core-2 Duo for about the same money? The only reason I can see is battery life, and even then the advantages are minimal given that the big screen sucks a lot of power! OK, so they CLAIM 6.5 hours, that's pretty good... IF it really does that.