Samsung Q30 Solid State Laptop

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Samsung announced that next month it will begin shipping to the Korean market its Q30, the first notebook PC with a solid-state hard disk. The 12.1-inch screen notebook will be equipped with a 32GB NAND flash based solid-state disk (SSD) with a read speed of 53MB per second (300% faster, according to Samsung) and write speed of 28MB per second (150% faster), allowing it to boot up 20 to 50% faster than a conventional laptop.

The lack of moving parts will also allow it to go fanless, making it absolutely silent, plus it'll be more efficient, boosting battery life. Here comes the downside, though: it's going to cost $3700 for all this solid-state goodness, and it's saddled with an old-fashioned Celeron M 753 (1.2GHz) chip. Bring on the Core Duos, and lower that price! Come to think of it, it wasn't too long ago when all laptops cost that much or more. Just think of this as a peek into the future.


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