Samsung Reveals SCH-B590 to the World, World's Thinnest DMB-Capabale Cellphone?

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Samsung just took the curtain off its latest DMB cellphone, the SCH-B590, which is supposedly the world's thinnest DMB cellphone. Besides giving rise to the question How thin is too thin?, the cellphone has all the makings of being lost in the shuffle with the myriad other DMB cellphones out there, "there" being Korea, since that's the only place where DMB has taken off. The SCH-B590 has an ok 1.3-megapixel camera and an MP3 player, among other standard features you'll find everywhere else.

If you just need to have the latest thinnest cellphone, call the local cellphone importing guy or book a trip to South Korea, since it appears to only be coming out there. When it does, expect to see it for around $522.

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