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There is justice in this world.

Just this week, for instance, Facebook succumbed to shame and deleted a shitty “security” app design to collect your personal data. A crucial NASA-led effort to help study climate change launched. Twitter announced plans to suck less. And Martin Shkreli got sentenced to seven years in prison while crying in front of everyone. Congratulations, humanity, we did it. What could possibly go wrong now?

Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones 

Graphic: Jim Cooke, Photo: Getty

Google has partnered with the United States Department of Defense to help the agency develop artificial intelligence for analyzing drone footage, a move that set off a firestorm among employees of the technology giant when they learned of Google’s involvement.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Best Android Phone Don’t Need No Honkin’ Notch

Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)


Let’s not beat around the bush, the exterior of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is essentially a carbon copy of the S8. Yet, even with all that sameness, Samsung’s balanced no-notch design seems more considered than before. It doesn’t feel needy like a lot of the new iPhone X copycat handsets I saw at MWC. And what makes the S9 even better is that Samsung’s flagship comes with the best guts you can get in an Android phone right now. I can’t help it, I’m a little bit in love.

Forensic Scientist Claims to Have Solved the Amelia Earhart Mystery

Photo: Harris & Ewing (US Library of Congress/Wikimedia)


Pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937, and we’ve been wondering about her fate ever since. A re-examination of a forensic analysis performed in 1941 shows that bones found on a remote south Pacific island belonged to Earhart—a conclusion reached with a splashy 99 percent number attached to it. Skeptics, on the other hand, say the new analysis proves nothing.

Jessica Jones’ Second Season Is Telling the Right Story About Psychological Trauma

Image: Netflix


Jessica Jones’ first season told the story of a rape survivor grappling with PTSDand confronting the source of her psychological and physical trauma. Then, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) ultimately triumphed over her demons, but as the first half of the second season unfolds, Jessica Jones explores the idea that her journey of recovery did not and could never really have ended with Kilgrave’s death—it wouldn’t have been honest, and wouldn’t have laid the groundwork for the compelling, difficult story Jessica Jones’ second season tells.

Why Two Guys Are Building a Massive Island Out of Fat

Photo: Adam Clark Estes


Just north of Amsterdam’s most famous canals, there’s an island of fat bobbing up and down in the sea by a wharf in a former shipyard. Right now it’s the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and weighs a metric ton, but its creators, Mike Thompson and Arne Hendriks, say it will be big enough to walk on one day. Thompson and Hendriks are designers by trade, and they’ve been working on their island of fat for years. They call it Fatberg, with a capital “F,” and one day, when it’s big enough to stand on, they hope to tow it to the North Pole.

New York Times Issues Correction After Editor Fails to Turn Off ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Browser Extension

Image: Wikipedia/PxHere


Text-altering browser extensions are all fun and games until you forget to turn them off in the most awkward situations possible. Like, say, a situation in which you’re editing a column for the New York Times that fact checks the president’s claims on trade and you accidentally publish a bit of complete nonsense.

Bose Wants to Fundamentally Change How You Interact With Your World

Photo: Bose


There are no practical applications yet for AR—your mom isn’t using it to navigate a grocery store—but AR has become wildly popular in the tech community. Slap AR on a pitch and get some VC funding. Or, slap AR on the side of a product and bask in the AR buzz from tech publications. Bose, a company known for nice headphones and not nice user interfaces or computers, is the latest to embrace AR. Today it announced a plan to fund AR startups through the new Bose Ventures, but more importantly, it announced a platform that includes AR glasses and, Bose hopes, a new way to interact with AR content—and thus your world.

Hangovers Are Good

Photo: Ryan F. Mandelbaum


A few months ago, I got a package containing four bottles of Never Too Hungover, one of those hangover remedies that you’re supposed to drink the night before, and another you’re supposed to take the next day. I pounded beers as if I were rushing a fraternity with the knowledge that I’d be immune from the physical consequences. But I was not safe. I felt as headachey and as vomitey as usual the next day. And I’m happy that I did.

Your Smart Home Is Spying on You. Here’s How to Spy Back.


After Gizmodo’s investigation into the data smart homes expose about our lives, many of you asked how you could monitor the digital emissions from your own homes. Well, you’re in luck.

Fundamental Equation of Quantum Physics Also Describes Rings and Disks in Space

Illustration: James Tuttle Keane (CalTech)


Physicists’ main goal is to be able to predict what will happen in the future based on patterns they’ve already observed, whether in massive systems of stars or tiny groups of atoms. Predicting changes over time usually requires developing new mathematical equations. But a researcher at California Institute of Technology recently discovered that a well-known formula, Schrödinger’s equation, governs two vastly different things: particles smaller than an atom and the disks of matter that fill the universe.

That Was a Truly Infuriating Episode of The Walking Dead

Image: Gene Page (AMC)


Lessons are immediately forgotten. Trips are wasted. Obviously poor decisions are made. Hell, Jadis, Queen of the Garbage People, somehow became the episode’s most sympathetic character. When that happens, you know your Walking Dead episode has major, major problems.

Gigantic Study of Fake News Online Finds the Enemy Is Humanity

Illustration: Chelsea Beck (Gizmodo)


Over the last year, “fake news” has gone from being a niche concern that charlatans exploited for profit, to a code red existential threat to the fabric of society—or something in between. But our scientific understanding of how and why false stories spread is still limited. Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab are diving in to correct that blind spot and for anyone looking to point a finger, we have some bad news.

Dyson’s Pricey Cordless Vac Is So Good, It’s Killing Cords Altogether

Photo: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)


The Dyson upright ball vacuum, an iconic piece of engineering and design that made vacs a gadget worthy of your lust, is being eliminated. In its place is Dyson’s latest cordless vac, the Cyclone V10. The company claims the V10's upgraded electric motor can suck better and last longer on a single charge. But can a rechargeable vacuum really replace a corded one? It has for me. The new Dyson Cyclone V10 may have a few issues, but this little cordless vacuum is so good it might finally justify Dyson’s premium pricing.