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Samsung Sneaking 3 New Phones On Us

Illustration for article titled Samsung Sneaking 3 New Phones On Us

Mobilescraper did a little poking around and found that Samsung has three new phone models on the burner, ready to boil over. The SCH-V920, SGH-Z230, and SCH-U520 phones don't have any info on Samsung's site related to their model numbers, but yet, there they are, staring us in the face.


Mobilescraper says the Z230 will have UMTS. Samsung fans should hold on for some new drool material soon.

Samsung About to Drop 3 New Phones? [Mobile Scraper]

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I've been drooling over the Samsung D830 (or 9.9), but what is the point of drooling when we never get the goods here in the US (to be fair, "rarely" get the goods).

This person's drool is encrusted and has begun festering bitterness towards the European and Asian markets; for having smarter cell phone consumers who actually buy the nice units. thus making it a profitable market to release said phones into their respective countries.