Samsung SyncMaster CX930B LCD Display

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Samsung ups the ante on color, claiming 97% color reproduction with its SyncMaster CX930B 19-inch LCD monitor. You thought all color monitors gave you 100% of the colors, didn't you? Actually, garden-variety displays are only cranking out about 87% of the gamut, so that 97% number is something special.


Samsung also offers a Print View mode with this baby, communicating with the printer and closely approximating the colors that will result. The monitor brings the serious spec numbers along as well, with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and Samsung quotes a response time of 2ms. When it ships next month, it will be $430.

Samsung SyncMaster CX930B the most colorful LCD monitor [Newlaunches]

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Thats a 19" Monitor? What is that model like 3 feet tall?