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Samsung Wants 3D Touch, Too

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Like follows like, and since Samsung’s been determined to be the pricey, all-metal iPhone of the Android world, the software also has to follow suit. That means adding the new iPhone’s most popular feature—3D Touch. According to a source on Weibo, that’s exactly what Samsung plans to do.


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A 3D Touch-like feature may find its way onto the upcoming Galaxy S7, most likely due out around early March 2016. Forbes says Samsung will be using Synaptics tech, a company based out of San Jose, to create its 3D Touch equivalent.

Although a first for Samsung, it’s certainly not a first for Android–since Huawei’s S Mate also has pressure sensitivity lurking under the screen. But it’s unclear exactly how Samsung will use this deeper touch integration, whether for simple context menus like the iPhone or perhaps something else entirely. [Forbes]


Set Your iPhone Free: Chinese team Pangu just released the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 9. The only caveat is you currently have to have a Windows machine on hand to make it work. This will also work on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and any other iPhone that can run iOS 9 (4s and onward.) [Mac Rumors]

Of Course LG Will Have Its Own Payment Service: In an effort to make all our lives more confusing, LG will also come out with its own payment system, much like Samsung Pay, called G Pay, according to LG executive director Kim Jong Hoon. Why it isn’t called G Money is beyond me. [Droid Life]

Facebook’s Continued Twitter-ification: According to The Awl, Facebook’s “standalone mobile news publications,” previously reported by Business Insider, is a new app called Notify. Basically, it’s a way for Facebook to send notifications about news from sources you care about. A steady stream of feeds that I follow. Hmm, that sounds familiar. [The Awl]


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Can’t distinguish if Samsung is just pathetic in mimicing every move that apple does, or if they’re just copying that shit just to piss ‘em off