Samsung's Eye Mouse Lets the Disabled Use Computers More Easily

Using a computer can be difficult or even impossible for some people with disabilities. Now, Samsung’s eye-tracking technology allows people who would struggle to use a mouse to navigate their computer with relative ease.

Developed by a team of Samsung engineers, it builds on previous technology called EYECAN which required the user to wear glasses in order to interact with a computer. The update, called EYECAN+, allows the user to simply point with a look and then click with a deliberate blink. In demonstrations, users are able to type, as well as performing drag-and-stop commands—meaning that, yes, they can play Angry Birds. Praise be.


It’s not, of course, the first example of eye-tracking for use in controlling tech, nor necessarily the best—but it is perhaps one of the most compelling. Why? Well, Samsung isn’t commercialising the device; instead it has plans to make the design freely available so that other companies can use it in an open source agreement, to help people around the world. The hope is that a device could cost as little as $150— making it a very affordable prospect compared to other computing solutions for those with disabilities. [Samsung Tomorrow via Verge]

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