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Samsung used Paris's Louvre Museum as its own corporate theme park recently when it showed off more additions to its Ultra Edition line of 3G cellphones, specifically the Ultra Edition 8.4. In order to prove that 3G cellphones aren't destined to remain bulky and generally unattractive for the duration of the standard, Samsung's Ultra Edition 8.4—or, Z370—was designed to be the world's thinnest 3G cellphone, no doubt important to the Paris Hilton crowd out there. It's got a 1.93-inch TFT display stuck inside a body whose depth is only 0.3-inches. A 2-megapixel camera (plus a VGA camera) rounds out the cellphone's finer points.

Also introduced at Samsung's Parisian summer vacation was the Ultra Edition 13.8, or the Z720. (Samsung's taking a cue from BMW with the names of its fancier cellphones, it seems.) Supporting WAP 2.0 and boasting a 2.1-inch QVGA display, the 13.8 was introduced as the world's thinnest HDSPA slide-up, which is like saying the number one comedy in America when it's the only one in theaters. For kicks, it also sports a document viewer and a second camera for video calls.


Fingers crossed for a stateside release sometime soon!

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