Santa Rosa-based iMacs with Brushed Metal Frame on the Horizon?

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Call it wishful thinking, but the folks at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that Apple's new iMacs (which they say will debut at WWDC) will pack Intel's Santa Rosa technology and come in sizes larger than the current 24-inch model. Both are pretty safe assumptions, but what they'll look like is up in the air. Will they have brushed metal frames, will they resemble Apple's Cinema Displays, or is Apple dropping a completely new design on us? Only a few days before we officially find out.


Brushed Metal iMacs Dropping at WWDC [9 to 5 Mac]


Sorry if this sounds like wining, but this is a pet peeve of mine ...

Apple has never made a computer with a "brushed metal" exterior. "Brushed metal" has a series of fine, parallel lines in it's surface (like the window title bars in Safari, for example). Aluminum PowerBooks, PowerMac G5s, MacBook Pros, and Mac Pros have a matte/acid washed/bead blasted kind of finish (They're even painted to match the plastic parts). I'm a mechanical engineer and this is beginning to drive me nuts (kinda like how the silvery GRAY color all Macs had been between the Mac Plus and the iMac keeps being referred to as "beige" - the creamy BROWN color, even when Apple called it "Platinum"). Please use the correct term before the incorrect term looses all meaning.

I wonder what powder coat or anodized Al exteriors would look like?