Illustration for article titled Sanyo Easy Streetnav NVM-4070 GPS Nav Does Media Play in Traffic

Sanyo, not the first name you think of when you dream of GPS navigators, just came out with the NVM-4070, equipped with a 4-inch, 16:9 touchscreen, a SiRF Star III receiver, traffic, text-to-speech for reading off street names, 1.8 million points of interest, Video/Photo/MP3/WMA playback and an FM transmitter to get the nav and music channeled through your car stereo.


It also has Bluetooth for phone functionality, including address book sync and speakerphone. (I assume when a call comes in, it shows callerID and pauses your music, but don't quote me on that.) It has an SD card slot and a lousy 64MB of internal storage. My bet is at $500, it's not a big HDD. There's a $400 version (NVM-4050), which loses auto-rerouting, traffic, photo and video playback and the FM transmitter. [easystreetnav via PRNewswire]


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