Say-A-Blessing Makes a Better Jew Out of You

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Hey, Jews! Isn't it hard remembering all the different blessings there are to say before eating different things? Don't you wish there was some shortcut through them to get to the food when you're hungry? Boy, your mother should be ashamed of you. But I'm not your mother, so here's something to help.


The Say-a-Blessing keychain can get through those pesky blessings for you with the push of a button for whatever type of food you're about to eat (except pork and shellfish for some odd reason), allowing you to cut to the chase without pissing off the big man upstairs. Everybody wins? Oy vey.

Product Page [Jewish Learning Group]



Once again, technology ciircumvents the will of God. Thats why my stove has a sabbath mode! Take that, God!