Say Goodbye to Qualcomm's Magic Mirasol Displays

Qualcomm announced that it's shutting things down in the Mirasol screen department. The e-reader displays, which can show color and can be read in direct sunlight, were apparently too difficult to manufacture and install in tablets.

It might not be lights out for the technology all together, though. Qualcomm CEO Paul E. Jacobs said in a statement that the company plans to license it elsewhere. Perhaps the company has just decided to focus on chip-making instead. A planned Mirasol e-reader was cancelled about a year ago, which makes the latest move a pretty clear indication that it's exiting the space entirely.

That's a shame, too. Though it wasn't perfect, Mirasol seemed to be the best of both worlds—a color display that's also easy on the eyes. At this point there isn't a really good color e-reader, and LCD tablets hurt your peepers. However, it's obviously a business decision, and maybe a good one for Qualcomm—just not awesome for consumers. [The Digital Reader via TechCrunch]


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