Say Hello to Star Trek: Prodigy's All-New, All Alien Kid Heroes

Welcome to the Trek galaxy, kiddos.
Welcome to the Trek galaxy, kiddos.
Image: CBS

Star Trek: Prodigy is treading into intriguing new waters as the first Star Trek show explicitly aimed at young audiences, and with a cast of young heroes to be a lens into its world, to boot. But now, we know these heroes are doing something even more interesting beyond that: they’ll be the first entirely non-human heroes of a Trek show.


CBS has now officially revealed (via Variety) the first look at the kids at the heart of Star Trek: Prodigy. The series was previously going to be broadcast on Nickelodeon (making it the first of this new age of Star Trek at ViacomCBS to do so), but will now first broadcast on Paramount+ later this year before heading to the kids network for its 10-episode run.

The show follows the currently unnamed kids as they discover a derelict Starfleet vessel and decide to take it as their own, boldly exploring where plenty of Starfleet men and women have gone before. But they weren’t kids when they did it! While we don’t know much more about these characters yet—along with no names, no species were confirmed—this also gives us our first look at the show’s animation style. Given we know Kate Mulgrew will reprise her role as Voyager icon Captain Kathryn Janeway in the series, it’s going to be interesting to see not only how she looks like in this aesthetic, but how she wrangles these alien and robotic kiddos into a shipworthy crew. All that time in the Delta Quadrant dealing with new alien beings will have come in handy, hopefully!

Star Trek: Prodigy will launch on Paramount+ later this year.

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None of these designs to me look particularly ‘Trek’

Star Trek has a well established visual language when it comes to aliens, 90% of them are Humanoids with shit glued to their faces. A result of TV budgets and short time frames to design creatures. Even still for the most part it has worked for 55 years of media. Even still those limitations have produced some iconic alien designs whether it’s the Klingons, the Cardassians or even the Ferengi.

None of these designs seem particularly Star Trek, It would have been nice if we got some of the lesser seen Federation core species such as an Andorian or a Tellarite or even if they wanted to go non Humanoid even a Tholian. These designs seem really generic and they look like rejects from a MMORPG or a Fortnite ripoff.