Scented Duct Tape For Half-Assed Repairs That At Least Smell Good

At one time duct tape only came in a single color: silver. It made the material seem like some kind of NASA-engineered, space-age, super tool, but eventually mankind demanded more. Colors and patterns were introduced, but that still wasn't enough to satiate humanity's desire for choice. So Duck Brand is now introducing scented duct tape as well, making your hackney repairs smell downright delicious.

That's not to say that the smell of sawdust or crazy glue aren't without their charms, but fixing a busted chair with the sweet smell of orange cream is hard to beat. As is re-affixing your car's back bumper with a whiff of frosting and cupcakes. An eight-yard roll will set you back just $6.50, just be prepared to inexplicably crave lemon meringue pie while you're fixing the toilet seat. [Duck Brands via Geekologie]


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