Scientists Create Inorganic Bendable, Transparent LED Displays WIth Less Flavor than Organic Ones

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As if we weren't excited enough with flexible, transparent organic LEDs—which are taking forever to reach consumers—now scientists have created flexible, transparent non-organic LEDs. Seriously, we can use a litte less teasing and a lot more action here.

The new method is based on a simple concept: Traditional LEDs are extremely efficient on converting electricity to light. So much that, if you make them microscopic, the eyes will still see them and you will be able to lay them on a flexible material. The only problem is that there is no manufacturing method for achieving the sizes they need—around 100µm. The solution: They pulled an Alexander the Great and chopped a huge Gordian LED into a thousand tiny pieces.

The resulting bits were printed in the material at different intervals using a mesh and, presto, instant transparent and bendable inorganic LED displays. [Ars Technica]