Search Your Feelings, You Know Lego's Empire Strikes Back Anniversary Set to Be Cool

“Look kiddo, I’m sorry about the hand thing, you’re a lego minifigure, that thing will pop right back on.”
“Look kiddo, I’m sorry about the hand thing, you’re a lego minifigure, that thing will pop right back on.”
Image: Lego

Yes, it can be fun when Lego’s Star Wars sets are ginormous, hyper-detailed monstrosities that vaporize our bank accounts like Death Stars vaporize Alderaanians. But there’s something to be said about the company taking one small, iconic moment, and turning it into a cool little set.

Advertisement has revealed a first look at Lego’s newest Lucasfilm set: Bespin Duel, a small vignette depicting the most iconic moment in The Empire Strikes Back, 40 years after it first hit theaters. Featuring minifigures of a dismayed Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader , the 9-inch wide display piece replicates the small gangway Luke and Vader’s clash on Cloud City came to an end on, as the latter reveals that no, he is Luke’s father.

This, in all likeliness, would’ve been Lego’s exclusive set for this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, in the alternate universe where that was still happening and the world wasn’t being ravaged by a viral pandemic (no, I’m not mad, wear a mask, etc., etc.). Like last year’s Vader helmet maquette, the 295-piece set is being made available to audiences who would’ve otherwise been unable to attend Celebration on Target’s website from August 27 for $40.

Just how—or even if—fans who might have traveled to Celebration from outside the U.S. and bought this set there will be able to buy it now remains to be seen. But hopefully, it won’t be harder, than, you know, processing that you’re dad’s an evil cyborg stooge of the fascist Empire you’ve been rebelling against.

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The questions I have are: does Luke’s hand come out easily, or am I still going to have to use my teeth? Also is there a black stump I can replace it with?