Second-Largest DRAM Maker Qimonda's Bankruptcy Drives Memory Prices Up 26%

Illustration for article titled Second-Largest DRAM Maker Qimondas Bankruptcy Drives Memory Prices Up 26%

A glut of supply has kept DRAM prices at rock-bottom lows recently, but now that the second-largest supplier of RAM chips—Germany's Qimonda AG—has filed for bankruptcy, we could be in for a price spike.

RAM prices are crazy: chip makers are always seeking the hair-thin balance between supply and demand as far as price goes, making them almost like an OPEC, keeping a tight control on supply. A number of factors lately, though, have led to tons of supply in the market and low prices.

The chipmonkeys at Ars, however, think that today's 26% price increase—happening on the first day of the markets being open since Qimonda's bankruptcy—will not be indicitive of a long-term trend. Still, probably not a bad idea to get that RAM upgrade you've been eyeing sooner rather than later. [Ars Technica]

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On a related note, I am planning on upgrading to Leopard/iLife '09 for my Macbook. I have been contemplating an upgrade from 1GB to 4GB RAM.

For someone that will be using iMovie and Garageband extensively... Is it worth the ~$50 price tag to boost my RAM to 4GB, or is 1GB sufficient?

I wait patiently for guidance from my Gizmodo overlords/nerds.