Second Wii Modchip Coming This Weekend

When it rains, it pours. Earlier this week we reported that the Wiinja Wii modchip would be released on February 1st, and now the CycloWiz Wii modchip claims to beat the Wiinja to the punch. They say they'll be shipping this weekend, which is both after the February 1st release date of the Wiinja and a pretty optimistic goal for a chip that doesn't have a functioning website yet. Not quite beating them to the punch, is it? In any case, choice is good, and it's awesome that there should be not one but two Wii modchips available by the end of the week.


What do you get for popping your Wii open and voiding your warranty? Why, just the ability to play burned Wii and GC "Backups" and homebrew apps. Sweet.

Product Page [via MaxConsole]

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