Security Camera Captures Image of Ghost?

A surveillance camera at a Parma, Ohio, gas station caught some footage of what appeared to be a ghost last Sunday, and passersby were immediately calling the blue cloud an angel, attributing it to buried Indians from long ago, and evoking all sorts of supernatural beings.

One guy might've had it right: Maybe it was a plastic bag. Could it have been an out-of-focus blue plastic bag dancing around with the wind like that one in the film American Beauty? Could an image artifact like this have been caused by a cheap security camera? In this video, it's unclear whether people saw this "ghost" with their own eyes, or just watched a video of it. Mysterious. Pranksters at work? [Liveleak, via Neatorama]


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Some sort of bug either on the lens or weatherproof housing, and being lit by either the canopy lights, or maybe that camera has built-in IR illuminators. Not a ghost though.