Security Experts Suspect Giant IMF Hack Was Backed by Sovereign Government

The IMF, earth's global financial Voltron, was walloped by a huge hack over the weekend—and it's doubtful a criminal group was behind the attack. What's that mean? A foreign power probably backed the digital raid. Bad (diplomatic) news.

The BBC quotes a variety of online security experts, including one who's worked for the IMF, and the consensus is against some group of hacker thugs doing it for the lulz. More likely, a foreign government wanted the massively valuable economic data the IMF keeps in its stores: "It has masses of economic information from the performance of countries to the state of their balance sheets. For countries deciding where to invest it is invaluable," explains one analyst.


If the curtain's raised before the government responsible for hacking the IMF—if that was indeed the case—expect a major geopolitical shitstorm. Prying into the IMF's data isn't exactly breaking into your ex's Facebook profile. [BBC]



China backed the hack because they want a greater say in the world economy / IMF even though their own magical economy is so full of fraud, corruption, and bullshit that it makes Goldman's annual colon cleansing look like a fucking bake sale.

Their attempt to leverage those with leverage (the European / US backed IMF) is going to backfire as every insolvent nation points the finger at every other insolvent nation (we're all fucked) and things quickly devolve into fucking WWIII.

And unlike WWI and WWII, the mainland US will become a battlefield as well - maybe not with Chinese boots on the ground but you can bet your ass that the Chinese will attempt to hack and disrupt the powergrid / communications of the US. Combine power outages + inflation + civil unrest and the US will be fighting a multi-pronged war - with part of that occuring against it's own citizens.